Creating Simplified "Home Management" Solutions
For Your Property Caretaking and Estate Management Needs

Snowbird Home Management

Snowbird Idaho

Planning to leave your home unattended over the winter season?

Whether you are leaving the area to visit family over the holiday season, need a short term break from the winter temperatures or are planning your annual migration to a warmer climate, please consider Executive Estate Management, LLC (EEM) for your "Home Management" needs.

EEM will develop a custom plan that will care and maintain for your home in your absence. With services that range from property security inspection to snow removal, minor maintenance repairs and large Construction Management projects. We realize the importance that comes from the "peace of mind" knowing that your home is in the caring hands of a trusted local company.

Please contact us to help you create a custom plan designed to meet your individual needs.

Below is a collection of "Home Management" services often associated with our Snowbird clients:

  • Property Security Inspections
  • Mail & Package Service
  • Due Diligence Property Assessments
  • HVAC - Thermostat Monitoring
  • Removal of Unwanted Debris, Newspapers & Flyers
  • 24 hour Emergency Contact
  • Arrival Preparation
  • Departure Closing
  • Winterizing Projects
  • Storm Checks
  • Plumbing Inspections
  • Snow Removal

Whether you are planning to leave for weeks or months, we will create a custom plan to meet your individual "Home Management" needs Please contact us today.